About Us

Our Vision

Beyond crafting exquisite jewellery, we aspire to share the enchantment of Winter's sparkle. We believe that our snowflake pendants carry a sense of wonder, reminding everyone of their uniqueness and inner beauty.

It is our hope here at Snöfall that wearing our pendants will bring a touch of magic to your life and serve as a reminder of the beauty that exists in every moment.

Our Story

With over 20 years experience in the retail and buying world, Snöfall's Founder Sara has, throughout her career, demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying and sourcing tasteful, in-demand Christmas decor, earning her a reputation for excellence in the industry.

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of market trends, it comes as no surprise that Sara's latest venture revolves around her passion for the winter theme. Embracing the beauty of snowflakes, she is now embarking on a new journey, launching a captivating line of snowflake jewellery and other exquisite items.

Her dedication to delivering quality products and her commitment to providing a delightful shopping experience were the cornerstone of her previous business, and will undoubtedly continue to define her new Snöfall venture.

More than a piece of jewellery

Join us in celebrating winter's sparkle and the extraordinary beauty of snowflakes. Each pendant we create is more than just a piece of jewellery – it's a token of our admiration for nature's artistry.